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3336 East 32nd Street, Suite 200

Tulsa, OK 74135

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Fax : 918-742-4901
Service Hours : 8:30am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)
Email : info@elitemedicalclinic.com
Website : www.elitemedicalclinic.com

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Our Physicians

Dr. Pallavi Agarwal and Dr. Vishal Aggarwal are among the finest doctors in Tulsa. They are well reputed and highly recommended doctors in Tulsa. read more >>


Pallavi Agarwal, MD

Vishal Aggarwal, MD

3336 E 32nd Street #200 Tulsa, OK 74135 United States


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Contact Us

Address :

3336 East 32nd Street,

Suite 200,

Tulsa OK 74135

Telephone and Fax
918-742-4900 , 918-74-ELITE

Fax: 918-742-4901

Email: info@elitemedicalclinic.com


Complete range of services 

  • Primary Care for adults.
  • Care of all acute and chronic diseases.
  • Diagnostics and non-surgical treatments of all
    Internal Medicine problems.
  • Preventive health for all adults.
  • Special focus on Geriatrics.
  • Complete spectrum of care - Care in office, hospital
    and even Nursing home and rehabilitation center.

Our areas of expertise

  • Internal Medicine

  • Preventive Medicine

  • Geriatric Medicine

  • Palliative Care